Introduction. The Seatown Bridge in Lossiemouth (colloquially known as the Briggie) spans the River Lossie to the East Beach allowing access to locals and visitors alike to this magnificent beach. Initially built in 1908 at the esplanade it was moved to the Current position in 1918. Owned originally by the Elgin Harbour Company the Bridge is now deemed unowned and is at best a Crown asset. For most of its life the Briggie has been maintained by Local Government agencies including Grampian Region, Moray and Nairn and lastly Moray Councils. A lack of local authority funding has resulted in MC no longer being willing to support the Bridge and hence the LCDT has undertaken to try to maintain Beach Access.
Options. To date the LCDT has 3 options to consider. Option 1 is the repair and maintenance of the current structure. Option 2 is to replace the current Bridge with a totally new one in the current position. The third option is to rebuild the bridge back in its original place at the Esplanade. We have preliminary estimates for all 3 options with Option 3 being the cheapest due to it being a shorter crossing. We await an estimate from a local engineering company for the costs to just replace the current bridge walkway.
Funding. With still much investigation work to be carried out it is estimated that we will need to raise in excess of half a million pounds to achieve any of our current options. The largest part of this funding will have to be sought from large agencies(Lottery, SG, Heritage funders) but we have already started fundraising and have accumulated over £5,000 from crowdfunding and local support. This funding stream is a steady if slow income stream.
Community Involvement. For a variety of reasons we will have to have a large degree of community involvement. We have got our own website and Facebook Page where we intend to post relevant articles and news. A priority will be to find out which of the 3 options our townsfolk would prefer, assuming money for them is found. Our local MSP has been very supportive of the campaign and has offered to help using his network of local benefactors and companies.
Media. We will hopefully be expanding our media coverage as the Campaign gathers pace. Obviously much can be done on line but we also want to start doing town hall and local community presentations to get our message across.