The primary aim by the LCDT is to ensure public access to the East Beach for locals and visitors alike. The Bridge in itself is a tourist attraction and is one of the main reasons to visit the town. To establish the current condition of the bridge the LCDT commissioned two reports from Fairhurst, Elgin:

  • The first inspection report indicates the structural integrity of the Bridge and the relatively poor present condition.
  • The second survey report indicates that whilst still structurally sound there are worrying decay and safety problems with the metal handrails and associated support Structures. The Second report also identifies a spectrum of maintenance and repair options. This report however didn’t cover the condition of the wooden support structure below the water line, the condition of which is therefore unknown but crucial for long term use.

Next Stage

We are in the process of seeking funding to obtain a full structural survey and options appraisal report, this is an essential part of funding applications to ensure we raise enough money to repair or replace the bridge.

At this present time, we are in the process of sending out detailed tender brief documents to surveyors for us to determine the cost of the full structural survey and options appraisal report. This will then enable us to apply for further funding and progress with the above.